One of the powerful things about the ability to move is the opportunity it affords us to do and go where we want.  For some, this might mean being able to walk far enough to shop in a super target, for someone else, running a marathon.  And for someone else, it might be the ability to tolerate sitting in a car long enough to take a long trip to visit relatives.  I like to call this state of being the ability to “move how you like”.  It’s important for our own well being and potential to be able to “move how we like”.  I lived and worked in western Colorado for several years.  Anyone familiar with that area is familiar with the big horn sheep.  They were my inspiration for thinking about this state of being and movement.  With their uniquely designed hooves, bighorn are able to deftly climb the rugged mountain terrain of the high desert.  A desert canyon or rugged cliff is not a deterrent to the bighorn sheep.  (And not to many of the adventurous outdoorsy types living in Western Colorado.)  Humans also possess a dazzling capacity for movement.  Unfortunately, traumatic injuries, chronic pain, and the unique demands that modern life places on our bodies can rob us of our ability to engage in the life we would like.  But, we don’t have to settle!  Well trained physical therapists are uniquely positioned professionals to help all of us realize our bodie’s potential.  A well trained therapist will analyze your movement patterns and listen to your natural history to identify ways in which she can change your system to function more optimally and with less pain and discomfort.  She will empower and educate you to care for yourself and to recognize when you need a little help.  In short, she will help you find your inner bighorn sheep and move you how like!